Wednesday, April 27, 2005

enter at your own risk

i know some of my closest friends and my family are reading my blog and i really appreciate na nagiiwan sila ng comment coz thats the only way for me to know na nadalaw sila. i havent found a good counter yet that can tell me who goes to my blog and read my entries, coz till now hindi pa rin naman ako "henyo" pagdating dito. i been hearing some people here in the office opening my site, which makes me happy in a way, but for them to judged me with the things i wrote here, tingin ko out of bounce na ata. what im writing here is the truth bout what i feel, im just expressing the feelings na hindi ko masabi in words. i would really appreciate it kung sana pagdadaan kayo, you will leave message kahit "hello" lang and include your name too. that way i could thank you for wasting your time lookin at my blog eventhough some of my entries are nonsense or rather most of it which is by the way "i dont care." as i always say i have this blog for me to have something to looked back when im old drama!! peace!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

a new book to pounder

i went to mia's house yesterday (former officemate) so i can borrow her book whom ive been dying to buy but havent got the money to do so. it was another "Paulo Coelho" book entitled "Veronika Decides to Die." ive once read the bestselling book of Coelho which is "the Alchemist" which is definitely a must read i must say. on the other hand this book speak bout veronika a girl who decides to overdose herself with sleeping pills, but instead of dying she end up being inside an asylum wherein she has 5 days to live due to heart failure.

thats all i know about the book as of now. di ko lam but i find myself deep into a different place whenever im reading. its like listening to the character as if they are talking to me. i make me go out from where im standing right now, it give me the space that ive been wanting to have for the nth time and sometimes i even find answer to all the question that i have been thinking of my whole life. thats how i love reading books!!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

who says friends are hard to find???

company outing is over .. but hey i had a lot of fun. im absent for two more days kasi nagkasore throat ako. pano ba naman walang kamatayan videoke kami ng tropahan nun 21st. inabot kami ng 4am sa sobrang paglango sa videoke. i would definitely miss my tropa here in "tridel", that is the only thing that i will definely regret kapag umalis ako. they are loads of fun to be with and besides walang ka-angst -angst 'tong mga taong ito. (Totoong tao baga') never a dull moment whenever were together. tuwing nagreresign ako sa isang kompanya isa lang naman ang lubos kong ikinalulungkot yung mga taong maiiwan ko at nakapalagayan ko ng loob. kahit na sabihin natin na we will still keep in touch? iba pa rin yun talagang kasa-kasama mo everyday. nagpapasalamat na rin ako at nakilala ko sila sa tridel coz they are one of the main reason why im still wasting my time workin here .....

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Hala !!! Lagot!!!

im bout to post a different blog sana today .. but somethin bothered me."Our H.R.'s email." Here it is:

Hello People,

We have to ask all staff to please confine yourself to Tridel premises when smoking and chatting. Do not smoke/ loiter in the stairwells or other offices' lobbies. Unless you have business with these other offices please refrain from hanging around these places. Should you have business in these areas, please mind your conduct.

We received a report that Tridel employees (identified through their ID's) were loitering in another office's lobby chatting and flicking ashes on the floor. To avoid embarrassment, please conduct yourself with finesse at all times but most especially when you are identifiable as a Tridel Employee. We don't want to hear that Tridel Employees are blacklisted because of lack of decorum.

(You have 2 new words to look up. Finesse and Decorum. It's very important that you understand the meaning of these words.)
Thanks and regards,

Why am i bothered? coz im one of them ... madalas kasi kaming tumambay sa 8th flr sa taas ng office namin. not becoz we want to loiter, it think thats not the correct word for it. smoking? yes some of my officemate does, pero in regards to flicking ashes on the floor ...they also do that (counted ba yun?) hehe.And sometimes i also see some of them smoking on our area here. Anyway if only they provide us people who wasn't manong ang manang a space well maybe we will not go to that place anymore. i know .. i know ... some of it is our fault. o sige na konsensya, kami na may kasalanan!!! *sigh* nakakalungkot tuloy kasi they think na us people who go there lack decorum and finesse, which is not true at all.!!!! maybe these should serve as a lesson to us .... but still im pissed!!! bahala na kayong mag comment.

Friday, April 15, 2005


Airwind: Hello???? Tao po!!! Pede pa ba ko dito? (with matching echoooo...)
Hik! Musta na ang blog kung sinta? Medyo natagalan ang pag-blog ko a.... hehe... hindi naman ako busy. Kaya lang may nagintroduce sa akin ng isang kewl na site at nacreate ako ng account dun. Medyo na addict ako e. Check it out (link). Dyan ako napadalas tumambay. Hehe ... akala ko nga maraming makakamiss sa akin tulad ng idol kong si Chona! Ngek! Ala pala. Bwuhahaha. Basta gusto ko pa rin magpasalamat sa mga nasa links ko special mention si Ka Edong, Batjay at si Yeen. Dont worry kahit hindi ko post dito sa blog koim still reading your entries.
Di ko mention Isadora kasi naguguluhan ako sa blog nya...(sori po) ang daming kulay, ah basta naguguluhan ako.Gusto ko pa namam yung mga previous entries nya. Nyaks! Good news po! May sarili na kong pc dito sa opis. Opo nagprovide na rin sila after 3months (ang bilis nga e) . At balak pa pala nila kong sopresahin, kaya lang yun ang aga kong pumasok nun araw na yun kaya naabutan ko silang nase-setup nun pc. Nabulilyaso ko yung surprise nila! Hik! Nyahaha!! Kung kakamustahin nyo yung work ko, ok naman. Naka-qouta ko last month. Yipeeee! Thanks sa mga nauto ko. Bwehehehe. Ngayon buwan na to, isa lang iniintay ko ang aming dyandyarararan OUTING!!! Opo, tama po kayo may outing kami sa batangas sa 22nd. At excited kaming lahat, lalo na ko kasi yun lang ang time kong makapag relax. Bwehehhe. O siya haba na 'to baka tamarin na kayong magbasa...